Enabling a New Era

of Connected Ocular Devices

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BlinkIT™ provides energy and communication flexibility to smart ocular devices, taking them to a new level of autonomy, wearable experience, and ease of use.

Envisioned by entrepreneurs, ophthalmologists, and engineers, BLINK’s ground-breaking and patented technology accelerates the adoption of intelligent ocular devices, reducing their time-to-market and total cost of ownership, with a minimal footprint.

As the market of smart ocular devices expands, Blink provides device-agnostic power and communication platforms for any ocular device, creating a new era of connected ocular devices.

We are building partnerships with the leading manufacturers of intelligent ocular devices.
Power and connectivity challenges are standing between these products and their multi-billion dollar market potential. By solving these challenges, we unlock the full market potential of intelligent ocular devices.

Join us in transforming the world of intelligent ocular devices.


We power and connect smart ocular devices, making them completely autonomous.
Search for spaces free of limits, accessible in the Blink of an eye, drives our technological innovation.

How it works

BlinkIT™ an ergonomic patch situated within the epicanthal fold. By integrating a proprietary ASIC solution, the patch powers the intelligent ocular device and connects it to the mobile app, allowing maximum power and communication transfer efficiency.

Placed on the eyelid, BlinkIT™ is located in the closest proximity to the smart ocular device – a contact lens or an eye implant – allowing for a highly energy-efficient solution, minimal footprint, and a comfortable and appealing design.

Power Supply

Wireless transmission of energy from the eyelid

Wireless Communication

The data is being managed and saved 24/7 wirelessly in an app or a cloud-based server


The ocular unit with its proprietary ASIC based solution, will integrate into wearable and implantable devices such as IOP or glucose sensor

Telemedicine and Intervention

Online patient monitoring app

Minimal footprint

Comfortable and appealing design



virtual innovation showcase in Israel
June 10


July 23–27
Las Vegas


July 15–18
Deer Valley


Summer Meeting
Las Vegas

Join us in transforming the world of intelligent ocular devices.