Company’s vision


BLINK is on a mission to power and connect smart ocular devices. Our journey to resolve unmet needs of patient compliance, reliability, connectivity, and pricing of the smart contact lens market makes BLINK ENERGY a Game Changer.

Our solution, Blink IT™ (a smart patch device), fits onto the eyelid epicanthal fold, and contains a designated power and communication platform that wirelessly connects a smart lens to a mobile app.


BLINK’s patented technological assets guarantee freedom to develop the next generation of miniaturized power and communication platforms for the ophthalmology market and smart AR contact lens.


BLINK’s team of experts in the fields of Ophthalmology, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship has partnered with MindUp incubator, the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), and Clalit’s Mor Yessum Application. These partnerships provide BLINK with access to a wide range of business and clinical resources, setting the company for success in achieving its mission.


Power and connectivity challenges are standing between smart ocular devices that are already being developed and their multi-billion dollar market potential. By solving these challenges, we unlock the full market potential of intelligent ocular devices.

Join us in transforming the world of intelligent ocular devices.